Focus on reading and opening up to the world.

Bilingual reading rally and challenge

In April and May, Odyssey students were immersed in a literary bath, a source of awakening and imagination! Bilingual reading rallies and challenges, International Book Day celebrations, an online “Prix des Incorruptibles”, and a “Reading Appreciation” committee were just some of the activities that opened windows on the world and helped students develop their comprehension, expression and self-confidence.

La Petite Ecole (Singapore, Ho Chi Minh, Bangkok)

The annual Prix des Incorruptibles has begun in the Petites Ecoles ! Every day for a week, Marie-Pierre, in charge of the library, presents and reads a children's book to the children of the kindergarten sections on the school's Youtube channel. The children (accompanied by their parents) then vote for their favorite book among the 5 selected titles.

EFI Bucarest

Teachers and nursery school assistants in the library of EFI Bucharest. The books selected from a documentary collection enriched by a subscription to the editions L'école des loisirs (Kyralina Bookstore) and a partnership with the media library of the French Institute of Romania Institutul Francez, are diverse. This bilingual activity contributes to the enrichment of the students' literary culture and to the construction of the written language and the understanding of texts.

EFI Bruxelles

From kindergarten to year 5, all the students of EFI Brussels took part in a cross-country reading rally, organized by the AEFE's North West Europe and Scandinavia zone (ZENOS) around gastronomy ! 12 tests on the theme "Reading to make your taste buds sparkle" during which the students, in small groups, answered the teachers' questions.

EFI Casablanca

Within the framework of the transversal project "I LOVE MY SCHOOL" and of the "Valorization of reading" commission, EFI Casablanca has set up an outdoor library in the elementary school courtyard so that the students can comfortably read during recess and during the lunch break. Other projects such as "Reading Week" or the traveling bookstore will soon be launched ! To be continued...

ISD Rome

Read as many books as possible in order to answer, in teams, the teachers' questions, such was the rule of the Reading Challenge organized by ISD Rome for primary school students, from 1st grade to 5th grade !