Odyssey camps

Register your children for the vacation courses in the schools of the ODYSSEY network

During the school vacations, our pedagogical teams have created and developed sessions adapted to each school level, according to the needs and wishes of the children and young people. The range of work and activities proposed is very wide and allows for cultural, linguistic, scientific and sporting openings and a deepening of all acquired skills. It can also allow for intensive revision or methodological preparation prior to a change of classes or cycles. Personalized guidance can also be offered to middle and high school students. Each Odyssey Group school organizes its own activities, depending on the faculty and staff and the opportunities available on campus and in the city. Open to all (enrolled or not in our schools).

Our specific "Summer Schools Odyssey" offers

Odyssey and its 15 locations around the world offer an exceptional variety of tailor-made vacation programs that allow each of our students during the school vacations to benefit from educational continuity in a friendly, entertaining but also demanding environment to achieve real progress.

In Rome: special offer in total immersion (fully renovated boarding school on an exceptional 5 hectare campus)

Currently, the Saint Dominic Institute in Rome, benefiting from an exceptional boarding school, offers its students summer sessions with varied programs combining: intensive language programs, English, French, Italian, methodological and academic refresher courses, especially in science, personalized learning, artistic, sports and cultural sessions.

Our Odyssey pre-school sessions: an essential tool for a successful start to the school year

After the summer vacations, children and young people are often apprehensive about going back to school and need to regain their confidence in the essential points seen the previous year and in understanding the challenges of the coming school year. This is especially true for the transition to the first grade, middle school or high school.

This is why all Odyssey schools offer a week and a half of re-immersion programs in the last days of August, which allows students to gently pick up and deepen some of the key elements for success. If the level of French or English still seems to be an obstacle to good learning, we offer families an accelerated language program for their children.

Specific offer in Rome

The Institut Saint-Dominique of Rome is offering a pre-integration session for the internship in Rome: This takes place over 5 days starting August 26. Future interns must register (unless they are unable to do so) for this special integration session: linguistic, cultural, methodological... This privileged period allows each intern, in an individualized way, to appropriate the rhythm of the campus, to think about his orientation, his choice of associations, clubs...