French educational excellence combined with the strengths of international education.


Odyssey provides our students with an education combining the “best of both worlds”, an education bringing together French educational excellence with the strengths of an international education. This comprehensive offering allows our students to express their full potential.

Our teachers utilise methods whose common thread is personalisation and active pedagogy. Differentiated pedagogies place our students at the heart of learning, and our teachers work not only on developing specific disciplinary skills, but also on essential qualities such as cooperation, self-confidence, creativity and communication.


Nursery school

is a journey of awakening,
allowing children to open up,
to understand, and to act in the world.

Our schools

Primary school

sets students on a journey
of discovery, learning
a common base: knowledge, culture...

Our schools

Secondary school

consolidates acquired knowledge, so as to allow students to develop their skills in the different disciplines.

Our schools

Sixth form

consists of 3 years of action
and orientation, in order to prepare students for their future educational careers.

Our schools


The promise of education is the intangible and material benefits that a school is committed to providing to every member of its community. Academic and human training, learning how to learn, community spirit… These are the ingredients that produce excellence in education and a life-changing experience.


écolier sur tablette tactile

A French and international


écoliers en classe

Training in

academic and human excellence.

Talented teachers

committed to their students’ success.

Personalised and proactive


A fulfilling environment

and a genuine community.

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