Regardless of the grade, you can enroll your child at any time during the school year in our Franco-International schools and benefit from support.

For various reasons:

Arriving abroad during the school year, wanting to enroll your child in a Franco-International school as soon as possible, disappointed with the way your child is currently being monitored during the pandemic, wanting to be closer to the educational teams, deciding to enroll your child in kindergarten now so that he/she can benefit from the considerable advantages of a small section…

You wish to enroll your child in our school during the year so that he/she can succeed and blossom.

Enrollment is possible at any time of the year with an accelerated administrative procedure. 

In this case, a personalized follow-up process is proposed to the child and his/her parents to ensure a good, quick and warm integration. Depending on the class, this process will be different. In all cases, it lasts about three weeks and allows for an open and personal dialogue with the teachers and the school director. This will allow for a very regular review, assist the child in his or her homework and methods at the key moment of integrating his or her new class, and help him or her to establish good social ties very quickly.

*Tuition fees will be calculated on a pro-rata basis.