• The Prep, Foundation Year
    in Rome


Discover The Prep, Foundation Year a unique pre-university preparatory program at St Dominique French International School, Rome.

The Prep combines a rigorous and hybrid academic curriculum, a hands-on internship, cultural immersion, and a real linguistic progression. Take the time to prepare your future, refine your career choices, and live a genuine international experience!

The Prep, Foundation Year is a residential, international preparatory year program, offering a unique combination of enriching academic training, cultural and linguistic immersion, and personal development. Located in the heart of Rome, our program welcomes students from all over the world eager to embark on a foundation year to progress and prepare for the next academic or professional steps.


Our program includes ambitious and varied courses, such as political science, economics, behavioral science psychology, diplomacy and leadership, ensuring an in-depth understanding of contemporary global issues. At the heart of The Prep, Foundation Year, our commitment is to offer you an unparalleled academic experience, designed to prepare tomorrow's leaders.

Political Science and Diplomacy

EconoMix: navigating among world economical, sociological and management issues

Leadership as an Exploration of Human Potential

Law and Orderly: developing a cross border legal literacy

Trends and Transitions of the 21rst Century

Quantitative tools and analytics

Psychology and Behavioral Sciences

Intellectual Self-Defense : tools for critical thinking, fighting bias, propaganda and fake news


The Prep, Foundation Year is an opportunity to develop key skills, useful for both effective higher education and professional development.

Prosperity Principles: from managing personal finance, to accounting, and building a business plan

Data Wizardry & Storytelling: Excel and Powerpoint Mastery

Eloquence and Influence

Breathing for Well Being: Mindfulness and Meditation tools and practice

Marketing for Business and Society

CodeCrafters: Fondations of Digital Creation

Internship Abroad

A key element that sets The Prep, Foundation Year apart is the unique opportunity to participate in a professional internship abroad, carried out in tandem. Each student duo will have the opportunity to work together in one of the cities where the Odyssey Group operates, including Casablanca, Antwerp, Sarajevo, Cairo, Bangkok, Singapore, Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi and Bucharest. This internship represents an invaluable opportunity to gain significant international work experience, while putting into practice the lessons learned during the year. The projects on which the students will collaborate will be centered around important themes, with a particular focus on sustainable development goals.


An environment where 70% of teaching is in English, with options for improving your current level and learning a new language.

70% of courses taught in English

English refresher seminar

English language class: objective C1

Mandatory second foreign language

TOELF, TOIC, IELTS preparation

A year to decide...

At the heart of The Prep, Foundation Year program lies our deep commitment to helping you define your future path. Our orientation coaching provides a space for reflection and personal discovery for every student. Through individual sessions and group workshops, our experienced coaches guide you through an in-depth exploration of your interests, skills and aspirations. This process is enriched by professional assessment tools and strategic discussions, aimed at clarifying your academic and professional goals. The objective? To equip you with the clarity, confidence and action plan you need to successfully navigate your future. With The Prep, Foundation Year, your journey to a bright future begins with a deep understanding of who you are and where you want to go.

Who is it for?

I'm looking for an experience to open up to the world and improve my English.

I'm looking for experience to build an ambitious project

I'm looking for an experience that gives me time to mature and choose the right track for me.

Student Experience

Enjoy an unforgettable experience in Rome, enriched by a group project on sustainable development goals, an optional study trip, and life in our premium student residence, Villa St Dominique.

An Inner Journey

At The Prep, Foundation Year of St Dominique French International School, we recognize and celebrate the spiritual dimension as a fundamental aspect of human experience and personal development. Rooted in a rich Dominican tradition, our program offers a space where interiority and spirituality take center stage, inviting those who wish to explore and nurture their spiritual lives in a respectful and welcoming setting. Through workshops and group discussions, we offer the tools and support needed to ensure that your year at St. Dominic’s is also an opportunity for spiritual growth, in harmony with your academic and personal aspirations.


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