We're looking for talented people to join the executive team at our schools!


Management staff are recruited directly by the Odyssey Education head office.
Vacancies are advertised online as opportunities arise. We invite you to create an account in order to receive notifications.

"In an international education group such as Odyssey, the school executive teams play a key role. They have a very broad remit and are responsible for the educational management of the school and the smooth running of the community. But beyond the traditional skills of a headteacher in international education, we are looking for professionals who combine three qualities that make the role of headteacher in our group so unique and interesting: a culture of development, a culture of responsibility and a group culture".
Patrick Ténèze Director of Human Resources, Odyssey Education

A culture of development

We are looking for dynamic managers who can professionally instil a spirit of initiative, growth and commitment within their establishment. Development is a 360° process. It is educational, cultural, community-based, economic, etc.

A culture of responsibility

Our executives are managers in the truest sense of the word. They are empowered and rewarded according to their success. Setting objectives (qualitative and quantitative), evaluation and good management are at the heart of their mission. Similarly, the pursuit of excellence, well-being and satisfaction are essential markers that guide their day-to-day actions.

A group culture

Managers are not only the leaders of their schools but also executives of Odyssey Education. Whatever their profile or the context in which they work, they embody the group, enriching and strengthening it. As a result, loyalty, ethics and a spirit of cooperation are essential elements that we place at the heart of our expectations and that we value in their career paths.


Choosing to work in an Odyssey establishment means adhering to the strong principle of continuous professional development.

We believe in the personal and professional development of our managers. We encourage rewarding career paths through individualised development plans, ongoing training, mentoring, peer-to-peer learning and so on.

Each school builds its training plan around a rich and complementary range of training opportunities:

  • The AEFE’s Regional Training Institutes;
  • That of the Group’s academic partners (e.g. IB, Cambridge, etc.);
  • And also the Odyssey Academy.

The Odyssey Academy is Odyssey Education’s training organisation and regularly organises training courses, workshops, conferences and collaborative initiatives for its teams. It enables our team members to exchange ideas, share best practices and expand their international network.