Odyssey, a French education open to the world

Since 2017, the Odyssey Group has brought together under its banner French schools around the world, all of which are approved by the AEFE and cultivate a subtle blend of French excellence and international way of life.

Interview with Patrick Ténèze, Director of the Odyssey network for Femmes Expat

I am looking for a school of educational excellence and open to the world

The question of choosing a new school for the children in the host country is a major issue, as every expatriate knows. There are never enough options to consider! Since 2017, when its first school was established, you have to rely on the Odyssey Group’s schools to make your choice. Located in Europe, Africa and Asia, their 16 schools display the humanistic values of French culture while valuing the international and local environment in which they are located.

Multilingualism, a precious balance

From kindergarten through 12th grade, students learn French, English and the language of the host country at the same time. And it is this international aspect that appeals to parents, without neglecting French! Patrick Ténèze, Odyssey’s Director of Network and Pedagogy, explains: “The heart of our pedagogy is to combine a purely French education, crowned by the French Baccalaureate, with an openness to the world, through teaching in English as well as in the language of the host country. Thus, 50% of the courses are taught in French, and the rest in English and the local language. Regardless of the language in which they teach, the teachers must follow the French program. This requires a great deal of cohesion among the faculty, and precise organization, but the result is so encouraging that we are all committed to it. The students benefit from an excellent education while being actors of their own development. Upon graduating from our schools, our students will be able to choose the best French or international university education. Currently, we are working on opening two courses of excellence in our schools: the brand new International French Baccalaureate (BFI) and the very popular International Baccalaureate (IB).

Student well-being at the heart of education

While Odyssey Group advocates French-style excellence, it adds an innovative approach with a clever mix of attention to student well-being and a desire to make them masters of their future in an international world. “Our priority remains the student, his well-being and his evolution. This is why we try to personalize our teaching if a student needs it. This is often the case for different language skills. For example, at the International French School of Brussels, some students come to us not having a sufficient command of French or English. After assessing their needs, we offer to provide them with the necessary tools for a good and rapid integration through our bridge program. This is one of the major challenges of our schools. To ensure that each student develops personally while becoming multilingual. It is not innocent if the second point of our charter is “Study and speak living languages to better live in a world of exchanges”.

A group to follow…

With the success of its schools around the world, the Odyssey group has no intention of stopping there! If you are looking for a school that combines excellence in French education with openness to the world and multilingualism, keep an eye on Odyssey’s evolution. Who knows, your future destination may already be home to an Odyssey school… You will be welcome!