Why choose a French and bilingual school for your children?

EFI Brussels and LFI Antwerp are schools approved by the French Ministry of Education and recognized by the AEFE. Each school offers a 21st century education combining academic excellence, bilingual teaching and personal development.

The advantages of French education: academic excellence

The education provided in these schools strictly adheres to the curricula stipulated by the French Ministry of Education and is taught by highly qualified teachers. The goal is to help each student achieve a perfect mastery of the French language as well as solid general knowledge to develop comprehension, emotional intelligence and critical thinking skills.

Bilingualism: a global perspective

French is the language of reference in the operation of the school, and English represents half of the school time. From kindergarten on, students learn English.

The school year is punctuated by educational projects that promote international exposure and intercultural exchanges. In addition, both schools are composed of students and families of all nationalities, allowing for daily exchanges with different cultures.

Accustomed from an early age to working with several teachers and switching from one language to another, students develop cross-curricular skills and an ability to adapt, which are invaluable for their future schooling. Young children are able to hear all frequencies of sounds (which vary greatly from one language to another). In addition, children are often uninhibited and spontaneous. They are more daring to express themselves because they are less afraid of making mistakes, which is a great asset in language learning.

Indeed, numerous studies show that multilingual students benefit from:

  • Greater ability to process information
  • Increased attention to detail
  • Trained memory
  • Better social skills

EFI Brussels, academic excellence and bilingualism in an exceptional setting

EFI Brussels offers bilingual education in French and English to kindergarten and primary school students, supported by an active and caring pedagogy with a personalized approach.

EFI Brussels follows an educational model that combines French academic excellence with the dynamism of international education. This alliance of the “best of both worlds” is supported by a French and international educational team rigorously selected to implement a unique educational project in Brussels.

EFI’s innovative methods aim to stimulate the desire to learn, the will to succeed and the self-confidence of children, while developing their ability to adapt, to think and to develop their openness to others.

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The Lycée offers bilingual French-English or French-Dutch schooling starting in kindergarten.

The Lycée Français International (Frnech Inetrnational High School), located only 40 kilometers from Brussels, can welcome your children in the best conditions thanks to very good train connections that put Antwerp at 35 minutes from Brussels Central Station. Many students, living in Brussels, make the trip by train at advantageous conditions to follow their secondary education.

In the middle and high school, students are welcomed with a program that combines the academic requirements of the National Education with their personal and cultural development (art, music, sports, science, theater workshops and guidance in school and career orientation). Online support is also available.

For more information, please contact: +32. 3.369.09.80 – lfanvers@gmail.com

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