United around strong human values.


A French international education group. Odyssey brings together international French high schools around the world, forming an educational community united around strong human values and a mission of educational excellence, driven by teachers committed to the success of our students and the influence of French culture.


An international French education

  • A French school providing an excellent education.
  • A multilingual international education, opening up our students to the world.


A fulfilling environment

  • A united and benevolent community.
  • High-quality schools, providing a premium service.


Academic excellence and human education

  • Fundamental knowledge
  • Multilingualism
  • General culture
  • Science and digital
  • Sports and human values
  • Methodology and reasoning


Personalised and active pedagogy

  • Autonomy
  • Differentiation and evaluation
  • Project-based learning
  • Open mindedness and appreciation


As educators, a foundation of educational and human values defines us and orients our actions:

Humanism: French education is based on the inseparable link between general culture and universal values, such as freedom, tolerance and equal dignity for all. We welcome students of all backgrounds and all beliefs into our schools, which are spaces dedicated to reason, knowledge, and the joy of learning.

Ethics: Teaching is a demanding professional act, which is accomplished through respect for the principles of loyalty, responsibility, and recognition of merit. The best interests of our students and ours schools are our priority in all circumstances. This takes precedence over all other considerations.
Benevolence: Education is a benevolent and empathetic dialogue between teacher and student. Attention paid to every individual, concern for their safety, and their inclusion, are at the heart of our identity.

Innovation: The spirit of continuous improvement is a driving force for Odyssey. It inspires us and stimulates us every day. And to nurture this culture, our Odyssey teams are encouraged to demonstrate commitment, creativity and audacity.

As a French educational group, Odyssey’s mission is to provide an excellent education within an exceptional community:

Leading every one of our students on their pathways to success and development, by preparing them to become enlightened, responsible, and fulfilled citizens;
Building a vibrant educational community, bringing together happy students, engaged families, and talented teachers;
Contributing to the influence of the French language and culture, by actively participating in the development of the French education network abroad, in partnership with the AEFE.

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